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Affordable and professional legal contracts at your fingertips in three easy steps

How it Works

We at EMSI understand that lawyers, including ourselves, can be a pain. Our promise is to Do More and Be More to you. With EMSILEGAL, we have simplified and standardized those basic legal contracts you need for your day to day activities as an individual or small business. We respect your time and have ensured that each legal contract will take no more than 5-10 minutes of your time to complete. And more importantly, we have made them affordable. By focusing on your needs, we hope you will have the opportunity to focus on the important matter of running your business.

Create Document

Create an account and choose from Pay-as-You-Go and various Subscription categories

Make Payment

Choose your contract type, complete the form to generate your customized contract and click to send off

Inbox Delivery

Receive your contract directly via email. Print and sign off. Easy right?

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